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anime_eloquence's Journal

Anime_Eloquence Icontest: From Sound to Silence
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Welcome to anime_eloquence! This is a new icontest community in the "lyrical hush" vein: each week, participants are challenged to create hush icons (icons without text) based on a given song.

*~ Icons must fit LJ icon standards: less than 40k, and 100px by 100px or smaller.

*~ No text allowed. This is very important. Please use images, coloring, brushes, textures, and/or cropping to create icons inspired by that week's lyrics, but do not put text containing the lyrics on your icons.

*~ Animation is allowed, as long as icons are less than 40k in size. Cut-out GIFs and PNGs are allowed, too, as are rectangular, less-than-100x100 icons.

*~ The theme post will be posted on Friday nights, and voting will last from Friday night to Sunday evening. The only mod at the moment is on Pacific Standard Time, so keep that in mind.

*~ The icons will be posted with the lyrics listed below them, so everyone will be able to see which line inspired which entry.

*~ No Hentai. Please keep entries work-safe.

*~ Any entries found posted elsewhere before voting is over will be immediately disqualified.

*~ Please don't advertise your entries or get your friends to vote for you. This goes without saying: and, really, where's the fun in winning if you cheat?

*~ All anime, RPG, and manga images will be accepted.

*~ Each week participants may enter up to 3 icons, unless otherwise noted.

*~ When you enter your icons, please comment to the indicated "Theme" post with: the icon, URL, the series you're iconing, and the lyric you're using. Make sure your lyric is three words or longer.

A sample submission (for a Counting Crows: Mr. Jones contest):

Series: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Lyrics: "She's suddenly beautiful"

Affiliates can now be found here.

Interested in affiliating? Leave a comment at this post.

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